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  • Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG): is a molded product with a high strength to weight ratio that is used in construction to replace the disappearing art of plaster. In the past, “Master Plasterers” would reproduce stunning run-in-place architectural columns, domes, vaults, arches, cornices, etc… Today, there are very few “Masters” left. “GRG” produces these results in a premolded, light weight, time tested composite for far less the cost. It has been used on probably millions of projects all over the world to continue the “charm” of both traditional or classical architecture and to create the free flowing forms of modern design.
  • Suspended Ceiling & Partition (SCP): are the perfect way to create your space the way you want it. The possibilities are as far as your mind can think! The standard systems of plasterboard and suspended “tiled” ceilings are an economical and swift way to finish your project. Perhaps you need to deaden sound transfer,  We can help with our high acoustic range, and range of tiles, with various types of finishes.
  • Acoustic Panel & Baffle Ceiling (APBC): Acoustic baffles and hanging panels are not only a cost-effective way of controlling sound; with endless shape and colour options they also provide excellent scope for a variety of design solutions. Hanging acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling can absorb sound on all sides making them an extremely effective acoustic solution. Acoustic baffles are ideal for busy ceilings where light fittings and heating systems shouldn’t be blocked. Panels and baffles can be used in a wide range of room types – they look great in restaurants and bars but can also provide practical acoustic absorption in meeting rooms and classrooms. See our full range of hanging acoustic panels & baffles below.
  • Linear Work (CLADDING)
  • Acoustic Tile Ceiling (ATC)

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GRG (Glass reinforced gypsum)

“GRG” requires only “shape” and repetition to make it an appropriate material for an intended use. Shape enhances and lends it strength repetition will allow any custom mold costs to be most economically used, amortizing the “fixed”, initial investment over a greater number of pieces. However, many very custom projects are done with only a few pieces and many “stock” molds are available for common shapes such as straight round cylindrical or “Classical” style column covers, ceiling domes, light coves, etc. Large, flat areas are usually most economically done in drywall, but designs for extensive, complex ceiling systems have been successfully completed. Historic replication of ornate, carved moldings are possible as are simple recessed fixture wells. “GRG” is non-toxic and incombustible with “0” Fire, Fuel and Smoke ratings, allowing it’s use anywhere in interior construction. “GRG” weighs 1.5 to 2 lbs (908gr). per square foot and it’s design factors are similar to drywall. Installation and finishing techniques are similar to those required for drywall construction. Details are kept simple and efficient with attachment and/or hanging points clearly noted on the job specific shop drawings. Standard drywall fasteners are countersunk into the piece to light gauge framing or blocking. Parts are adhered together with construction adhesive. Monolithic (seamless) appearances are achieved by embedding fiberglass mesh tape into commercial joint compound at the tape/bed recess cast both sides of the seam, then sanding to the piece profile.

SCP (suspended ceiling & partition)

Suspended ceilings (sometimes referred to as dropped ceilings or false ceilings) are secondary ceilings suspended from the structural floor slab above, creating a void between the underside of the floor slab and the top of the suspended ceiling. As well as concealing underside of the floor slab, this void can provide a useful space for the distribution of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services and plumbing and wiring services, as well as providing a platform for the installation of speakers, light fittings, wireless antenna, cctv, fire and smoke detectors, motion detectors, sprinklers and so on. The void can also be used as an air ‘plenum’, in which the void itself forms a pressurised ‘duct’ to supply air or extract it from the occupied space below. Suspended ceilings can allow easy access to services by the removal of tiles, or through access panels and can allow flexibility of layout of spaces below. However, they do result in some loss of headroom.

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